WW2 British Airborne/ FSSF Re-enactment Group
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To all people trying to email use we had problems with our email service so please email me at (ajlooke971@hotmail.com)

We are a group based around Essex and we try and use only origanl smocks and trousers as origanle BD trousers are better then repro Paras trousers as the airborne troops were not all issued para trousers and our Moto is (Keep It Real) as what is the point of having the origanl if you never display it.

 After collecting airborne Kit for so many years we decided to put it to good use and start a group. There will be a time when the origanls are so rare that wearing them would be silly but until that day comes its origanl Deneson smocks and Bd's all the way.   (Vetran's have said that seeing the origanl kit being worn the way it was, really brings history back to life).

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Battle of Reditch

Here we are a Redditch Battle 27-28th November After a really good battle weekend and as the FSSF .

             The Group worked hard and it was a tough weekend but all should be proud of there preformance in action....

  Steven Fitchgerald (won there best played prize and showed real promise)

  Paul Dray (won a Death certificat for his weekend as he died the most but will be remebered for his true combat skills.)

last up dated 31st january 2005

please email any questions

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Future shows and Tv

We are avalible for display Shows and TV . Remeber that we need to try to all get the same time off work so please give us time in advance.

We do not charge like other groups as that is why we started the group, To show the ww2 para display like it should be (Origanl)...

Group Founder and Team Leader..

Terry Looke started the group after collecting for over 20 years...

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